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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

REAL teen girls tell it like it is...

Over on facebook on a group page called "the gathering" 250+ girls come together to chat, support each other, share stories, shed light on issues and learn to focus on what REALLY matters and stay ABOVE the drama instead of IN it. You have to request to join or be added by a friend who is already a group member, but if you are a TEEN GIRL, you are welcome to join us. Click the logo.

I am "wow"ed regularly by the things the girls are dealing with and how open they are to share. And I am in awe of the girls that step up and offer their advice and support. It is an amazing place to be on a day when you feel like you have nowhere to turn because there are many girls (and ME!) who can lift your spirits with some healthy advice. But it is also a great place to be when you are on top of the world because you will be able to use that positive energy to bless someone else.

The other day I asked the girls to describe what it was like to be a teen girl in 2011 and one answer took my breath away...

Alex shared this with us:

"Yea, being a teen girl is complicated because in all the drama, at first, you feel like you floating on top of the sea of miserableness. But you never know when all the drama is gonna get worse. And then you see the big waves and when you least expect it, the waves flip your boat over and you never know when you gonna reach the surface. But when you talk to someone about it and try you very best to fix the problem then you finally reach the surface and the problem fades and drifts away."

Thank you, Alex, for sharing your heart and for giving us this visual!!

If you would like to come check us out, please search "the gathering" on your facebook search bar, request to join and then come chat it up with all the girls. Like what you see? Invite your friends! It's a great place to be able to turn to.

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