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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We will miss you Danielle...

The Butterfly Girlz are mourning the loss of one of their own.

Danielle DeLarso, 17 earned her angel wings Satuday morning after a 10 month battle with Clear Cell Sarcoma.

Danielle was an amazing athlete, playing on ALL STAR teams and getting recruiting letters from colleges when she came down with what doctors thought was a case of pneumonia. When the symptoms did not go away with antibiotics they did further testing and found a mass in her chest and even after chemotherapy the cancer spread.

The DeLarso family is currently in need of financial help to cover the mountains of medical bills incurred over the last year. Please go to THIS LINK and see the secure fundraising widget in the sidebar.

To read more about Danielle and her journey, visit THIS POST on my other blog.

Danielle's life mirrored a TRUE Butterfly Girl. She was someone who LIVED the character traits we strive for - Courage, Integrity, Assertiveness, Confidence and Restraint.

The following comments were made by students from Danielle's school and are a testimony to the lives she touched:

"The Pequea Valley class of 2012 will not be the same without Danielle. She has been an inspiration to me personally with her grace, dignity and selflessness. She will be in all of our thoughts as we walk the halls of PV. God bless you Danielle, we are all sad but glad that you are at peace and in a place where we all wish to end up."

"Danielle is was a student at my school. She was beautiful, talented, and selfless. Not many would have lasted as long as she did. The night sky will shine brighter now thanks to Danielle. We love you!"

"This girl is a fighter I go to her school I'm in her brothers class this past Saturday danielle passed away. She is a amazing girl and I wear her braclet with pride knowing that she will always be near."

"Danielle was an amazing girl and has changed our school forever. Today in her memory we all wore red it was really touching and just goes to show how wonderful she was and how much she had meant to us. I still can't believe she is gone and I hope and pray her family can get through this hard time. Pequea Valley will never be the same and she will be greatly missed."

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