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Monday, March 21, 2011

When life says, "Get back on board..." Bethany Hamilton

Being a teen certainly isn't a cinch. It's hard. I think you will all agree.

The Butterfly Girlz Advisory Team has been discussing character traits this week and most of the girls agree that one of the traits they struggle with the most is COURAGE. I think it is safe to say this is a common struggle for most teen girls. There are many forces working against girls that without a strong sense of inner strength, they cave to peer pressure.

I think we all agree that having a butterfly named COURAGE in our net would be beneficial when you need to push away a boy who has stepped across the line or confront the mean girl who us all up in your business at the lunch table.

Girls, you HAVE all the butterflies you need but just like a pet they need to be nurtured. A dog does just know how to sit, fetch or roll over - you strengthen your dog's motivation through training. Your dog senses your satisfaction through your snuggles and praise when he brings the ball back each time. This is how you nurture your butterflies.

Through practice you will get better and better at each character trait in your butterfly net. You will also find yourself inspired by the feeling you get when we use that trait you have nurtured. When you stand up to someone who is hurting you, you get a sense of accomplishment. I urge girls to hold onto that feeling, make it a permanent part of your memory. Relive that moment over and over and over until it becomes part of you. That moment becomes your reward when a similar situation arise. Because when you respond appropriately the next time, that feeling will come again. And again.

Sometimes throughout your teens you will be bombarded with so many different situations that need a BIG response. You might not feel strong enough to handle ALL of them coming at you at once. But burrowing under the covers and giving up, turning to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain, or selling out and becoming one of those people you once tried NOT to be like is never the answer.

Grabbing life by the horns and GETTING BACK ON BOARD is the answer.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Bethany Hamilton, teenage surfing prodigy.

Talk about COURAGE... how about "getting back on..." a surf board after a vicious shark attack that cost you your arm... at 13 years old.

Ladies, please take a moment and meet Bethany (8 years after her accident) as she talks about having the COURAGE to love who she is no matter what her outside looks like.

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