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Friday, June 3, 2011

L O V E - What is it?... it's Journal Entry Friday!

Hello my sweets!

Well, you can't be the mentor for teen girls for too long before this subject comes up:

It's just about as exciting as getting your first bra. Your first bra (and your first boyfriend) means you are growing up. You know you wanted one - everyone does...even if you can't admit it. Although you would probably rather shop for it alone...the shopping for it isn't as much fun as GETTING IT! But then what, things get twisted up a little. Other people notice this new thing and they start to talk. Drama rears its ugly head and soon you almost wish you hadn't admitted being ready for this....bra (oh wait, or were we talking about boys?)

Falling in love is supposed to be just like that...a little uncomfortable but so exciting on the inside you could explode. Your blood tingles as it runs through your veins, your breathing completely stops when he looks in your direction. Your palms get sweaty the moment you think he will reach for your hand. A jolt of electricity runs through your skin when you here the sound you have assigned only to his texts. And then other people have their say and words get twisted and you are SLAMMED with DRAMA. It's no fun.

So, what is love?

I have so many girls ask me this question. We talk about it on "the gathering" a lot. And this week it came up both on the wall and in private messages  so I thought this was something that warranted some journaling.

All of the physiological things that happen to your body when you like a  boy happen whether it is a crush or love. That excitement happens either way so you can't know right away if it is love or a crush.

The crush usually can't survive the drama...

The relationships that survive the drama, the gossip, the tragedies of love and find their bond STRONGER... that is probably more LOVE than CRUSH.

One of the girls on the gathering shared this and I loved it!

"Well define cheesy middle school love that everyone thinks they're in...or that feeling I have inside me all the time that drives me insane with happiness? Is love being grateful for every second I get see him or talk to him? Knowing that my favorite thing about him is who he is inside, and not what he looks like or how good he is at this or that or because he compliments me? Is love that feeling I get when he smiles at me or looks at me? Or that feeling I get when you realize that this can't possible last forever but I want him to be happy with whoever he's with? Is it knowing he's my best friend and the one I can talk to anything about, joke around with, or tease? I've asked tons of people whether it's love or not but honestly....what is love?"

For your Friday journal, I want you to just make a WORD COLLAGE of all the things you feel when you are crushing on a boy. Cut words out of magazines, write them in, include images that maybe you can't give words to... be creative and work it out.

You'll know love when it comes... but it most likely the kind of love you are looking for won't come along for sometime. So, don't throw that word around too quickly. LOVE is a big thing and needs to be treated as such! Be careful!

Feel free to copy and print this journal page to use for this exercise.

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