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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is a Butterfly Girl?

In the begining of The Butterfly Girlz project, it wasn't called The Butterfly Girlz! When I was brainstorming what I wanted the basis for this ministry to be, I looked at alot of things. I looked at what was causing the most pain in the schools that I had access to through volunteering. I looked at the issues and quandries my own teens were coming home with. And I looked at what was coming to light on the news.

What was causing teens so much grief. And I narrowed it down to one thing - RESPECT! So, I tried to figure out how to TEACH respect and I campe to the conclusion that if you can respect your SELF, you will naturally respect others. So this notion for my ministry was born. The programs I wrote, taught and spoke for would have their basis in self-respect.

So now I had to think of an easy way to describe something that you can not see. What does self-respect look like? While trying to think of a visual for self-respect I came up with The Legend of The Butterfly Girlz to describe HOW we hold onto and nurture our own self-respect which inturn will affect how you treat others. My hope is that this program will blossom and have a domino affect so that in the near future there will be more news stories about the GOOD that teens do and not the tragedy that they inflict upon themselves.

Here is what I give the girls that come to my workshops. The one I hand out is the perfect size for the inside of a locker door and will hopefully give them the strength they need when their self-respect is challenged during their day.

What is a
Butterfly Girl?

She’s a girl who knows her flaws but celebrates her strengths

She’s a girl who loves life enough to strive to make it grand

She’s a girl whose self-respect shines in her words and actions

She’s a girl who wants to share her spirit with everyone around her

Please feel free to copy and paste this or print and hand out - I just ask that you give this blog and my program some props when you do it.

Thanks girls!

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