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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just the Way She Is Day... Awesome amounts of FUN!

Last week we celebrated the very first JUST THE WAY SHE IS DAY with a special FUN DAY CELEBRATION with 32 girls ages 7-17! The theme of the day was loving ourselves just the way we are and not allowing the media to make us feel that WHO we are is a result of what we look like.

The girls had a blast chatting about how the media makes us feel. We talked about how we all come in different shapes and sizes and our differences are beautiful! If we were all carbon copies of each other life would  be SO boring!

We played crazy games, ate a lot of yummy food and sweated in the 100 degree weather!

I have gotten some amazing feedback from moms whose daughters enjoyed the day. Can't wait for our next event.

Check out the LOCAL EVENTS tab at the top of the page to take part in the next event!

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  1. Such an inspirational day! It was an incredible experience to get together with girls ranging of all ages from 7 to 17 and getting to know them and see how truly special they are!