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Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's MUSIC! Britt Nicole, Group 1 Crew, Jamie Grace, Hawk Nelson!

Some of the local Butterfly Girlz and I attended The REVOLVE Tour this weekend and we had a BLAST!

The speakers were AMAZING...

We all LOVED Chad Eastham he knows A LOT about guys - and isn't that what we girls wanna know?!

You can connect with Chad and read more about him on his AWESOME WEBSITE!

The Girlz fell in LOVE with the music that we rocked out to so I thought since today was MEDIA/MUSIC Monday, I would share that music with you! We have been singing it since we left the arena on Saturday!

Introducing BRITT NICOLE!!!!!!!!!

Double click this video to get to YouTube and check out all her other videos! She is AWESOME!!!!! We all thought she looks and sounded a lot like Carrie Underwood!! She was SO MUCH FUN!

Then we all giggled with JAMIE GRACE! LOVE HER!
Toby Mac found her on YouTube...and ended up producing her NEW SINGLE!! GO JAMIE! WE LOVE YOU!

We had a BLAST dancing all around to GROUP 1 CREW!!

And of course...we were ALL crushing on HAWK NELSON!
Oh my WORD these guys were a BLAST!

So, check all of these AMAZING artists out on iTunes and load up your playlist with THIS music. So, the next time you hear lyrics that are offensive, throw in your earbuds and ROCK OUT to some music that is sure to make you feel GOOD - really GOOD!

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  1. These artists have become the top songs I have been listening to on my ipod! : ) Love revolve <3