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Monday, April 4, 2011

SNOOKI - a role model? Rutgers University thinks so...

Even if you live under a rock, you know who Snooki is.
Even if you have never turned on an episode of Jersey Shore (which I would advise you not to), you know who Snooki is.

Nicole Polizzi is now famous for her foul-mouth rants, her party-girl tendencies and her inappropriate under-the-covers activities. Apparently Rutgers, a prestigious University, felt that this was the type of woman they wanted to celebrate. WHAT?!

They hosted Snooki last week as part of their optional student activities.

Parents pay a whopping $23,000 per year for their student to attend Rutgers, a University that prides itself in shaping students to become productive members of society.

From the Rutgers website: "As it was at our founding in 1766, the heart of our mission is preparing students to become productive members of society and good citizens of the world. Rutgers teaches across the full educational spectrum: preschool to precollege; undergraduate to graduate and postdoctoral; and continuing education for professional and personal advancement. Rutgers is New Jersey’s land-grant institution and one of the nation’s foremost research universities, and as such, we educate, make discoveries, serve as an engine of economic growth, and generate ideas for improving people’s lives."

This esteemed university paid Snooki $32,000 ($2,000 more than they are paying Toni Morrison, the Nobel Prize-winning author that will be speaking at graduation and almost $10,000 more than the annual tuition) for her appearance where her message to students was appropriately named,


The Rutgers University Programming Association, a student-run committee invited Snooki to speak after polling students as to who they would like to have. The mandatory student activity fee that each student pays with their tuition each year is where the funds came from to host the STUDY HARD...PARTY HARDER event!

Parents are in an uproar. Essentially more than one student's full year's tuition went into Snooki's pocket.

What message is this sending?

Your parents teach you to make wise choices, stand up for yourself and insist on being respected by boys. We teach teens to "Just say no," to be responsible for your actions and a whole world of opportunities will be open to you.

GIRLS BEWARE: This is not what the media is teaching you.

Rutgers is allowing someone with no moral compass to impact a student body with her own twisted view of the world.

Girls, this is where MEDIA LITERACY is so important.

Look closely at what made Snooki famous...

What do YOU want to be known for?

The activities and events you partake in begin to define you. When something starts to define you, it becomes what people expect from you. What people expect becomes the pressure you feel to fit that mold. Then, you become what you invest your time in, those activities and events from the beginning of this paragraph.

What will you invest your time in?

You are worth investing in and that is why I write this blog. It is why I speak and counsel/mentor teen girls. You are worth my time.
You are worth your weight in gold.

So, learn how to SHINE, for the right reasons!

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